Glue Your Brain

Erwin Wurm, an Austrian photographer, sculptor and artist of the absurd is one of two shows on at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney right now. Wandering around the show I was surprised to see a young student snapping photos, right in front of one of the gallery staff. I was then informed that photography was allowed, something I’ve never encountered in an art gallery before.

Wurm has a fine sense of humour and the works in this show, many of which ask for interaction from the viewer, are readily accessible to a broad audience, as funny and engaging to a small child as they are to an adult, though some arty intellectuals might disagree.

Gee, they allow guys in wheelchairs into the gallery?

My favourite.


There are many photographs of people in odd situations. Above at left a man lies crushed beneath a lounge chair. At right a pair of legs emerge improbably from a small whole in the wall.

Titled, I believe, ‘Pissing on somebody’s carpet’

Lastly the inflated Porsche, executed immaculately on what appears to be the body of a real Porsche. Standing against the wall at back is an erstwhile luminary of the Canberra music scene, now moonlighting at the MCA, being one Sarah Brown Bear of BB Merkin fame.

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