Coffee Bitch #68. Rolfs Patisserie Stall, Moruya Market

Coffee Bitch

four beans

General Store, Moruya

Down by the river at the market can actually be quite a balmy spot on a wintery Saturday morning, a nice spot to perch on some granite with a coffee, a pause in your marketings. So it really sucks to find the coffee expensive and worse, bland. This coffee machine and patisserie stall combo is on the riverside of the markets. There is a coffee van covering the southern side of the markets. Both have queues.

What is it about human nature? On a beautiful day on free planet Earth, what do we do? Stand in line for ages and pay for expensive coffee.

A patisserie has no excuses, fine pastries require fine coffee. The coffee sported something pale and limp where a crema would usually exist. Where the palate sought interest there was a wall of corporate, “it came with the machine”, blandness. It’s a wasted opportunity really, these boys have a popular spot, but they really need to amp up the quality.

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