Chiffon #134. What a Cock


Something occurred to me the other day. It involved the election and world war two. We have not had a hung parly since then, but it was a turkey that actually gave me more than I bargained for and more than I voted for.

A smart arse said to me the other day, and I quote, have you noticed how much disarray the government is in? In fact since we have had a female prime minister, forming a government has been as easy as having an elephant breech birth at Taronga Zoo.

I felt like smashing the cunt, but I didn’t. Instead I talked about how barbaric capital punishment is these days, referring to Scott Rush and his need to appeal the death sentence imposed upon him by the Indonesian government, who are men, and then he retaliated by saying that Chapelle Corby was a woman and again I felt like smashing the cunt. But again I resisted and returned with the ace I keep in reserve for just such occasions. Aha, but the dope she is alleged to have attempted to smuggle was female I said, knowing I now had a slender lead.

I quickly followed with the death blow (argument). The dopes she is alleged to be protecting are men, I pointed out to this poor pathetic individual that most of the world’s fuck ups were created by men, or at least they had their names attached, and then I pointed out the great heroes men have been in government starting with Guy Forks, Mac the Knife as well as the king of spoons, all men.

I continued and mentioned the MENstrual cycle as well as  MENopause were  named because men are unpleasant and inconvenient. To which this bloke replied that no, the word really referred to the fact that the man ceases to be attentive to the woman as in the man takes a pause (like they go at it all the time I thought to myself). I really wanted to smash the cunt then. I said out loud you are a dick mate if you think women are at fault, and he just said to me with a nonchalant, could not care less, sort of look on his face, I don’t think, I know.

I must tell you that stung a bit, however, once again I resisted my urges to focus on this battle of intellects and this cunt thought he had hold of the moral high ground but he was so inappropriate I knew there was going to be an unpleasant end to this fracca. At this particular moment the clouds opened up and I realized there was a god. I caught this cunt looking at my breasts and I was into him but before that I raised my voice loud enough for some of the sisters to hear .You dirty old bastard, can’t keep your eyes to yourself? What would your wife say? At this point some of the girls had noticed this brute picking on me and they gathered around and gave me a hug.

Then the cunt wanted to say sorry, so I smashed him. No I did not but I really really wanted him to think I was going to and lunged, but the girls, bless their hearts, saved me losing any dignity I had left.

Luff Chiffon XXX

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