Letters from Prison #15

Letters from Prison


Hi P-,

How is everything? How are you?! I haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s been happening? Have you had any work lately? Heaps I hope! How are the puppies? All strong? You are probably run off your feet with them. Say hello to G- & R- & G- M-. Tell them I’ll be out soon. Only 4 weeks to go as of today. Christ! 28 days and I will be free!

I hope you’re not upset about K- coming to pick me up? I thought it would be best. You don’t have to rush up here by 9am. Well I’m back at work (if you can call it that!). The screws have put me on top dollar. A whole $63 – a week! Heaps, I know, but at least I can buy smokes each week. I’ve been playing cards (Manilla – I probably told you already) and this week I am actually up. I get an extra $5 in my buy-up. This will get me a packet of bikkies, 2 papers (tally-ho) and 7 boxes of matches. I’m rich!!!

I’m writing to M- as well so you can compare what I’ve said. I have been wishing you would come and visit but you didn’t & now it’s too close to me getting out so you probably won’t anyway. It looks like S- is going to let me stay at her place (until I settle back into society) so at least I’m not worrying about somewhere to live. My next move is to find a job. I don’t know if I can work with you, with these new laws about a ‘white card’, but I’m young and strong, so finding work shouldn’t be too hard. I will ask you to do something for me though. Could you please ring —, at — Solicitors, & make an appointment for me sometime after the 18th October? I need to find out what’s happening with my insurance claim. I would really appreciate that. The number (indelibly tattooed on my brain) is (–) ____ ____.

There are some things I really want to do when I get out. Play a round (18 holes) of golf, go fishing, go for a swim, shoot (something!), and get a real massage. I know you can’t help me with the last one but, if you want to, let’s take some time and do these. It’s not easy when a bloke’s best friend is his uncle but there you have it. I have made a couple of friends in here but none are as great to be around as you. Fuck, I’m getting all sloppy now. Hrrmph! Real men! Arr! Arr! Arr! But seriously, you are my best friend and I know you always will be.

I’ve written 4 more songs. 2 are love songs but I think you will like ‘Friends’ and ‘One Hit Wonder’. I have been helping G- B- with his song as well. Last week we recorded it onto a cassette player. He is quite talented. I think I told you that he wrote a song for Paul Kelly back in the seventies and this one (our song) should get into the Top 20 once it’s recorded properly in a sound room. He also has a book with about 200 songs (in lyrics) written. Once I get out he is going to let me read it. We may even put music to some. He said I have a good voice. (Ha!) Anyway, he gets out on Thursday so I’m giving him your phone number (because I don’t have one), so he can contact you, to find out my number. Well, another day gone. It’s about 9 o’clock here and, without a television, time drags on. I don’t really know what time it is but there is still noise in the wing so it can’t be too late. I’ll sign off by saying I miss you and the good times, but there are better days ahead for all of us. Catch you on the flipside of YOUR next letter. Stay well and Godspeed in your travels.


“Mr Clark, I’m afraid I have bad news,” the doctor told his anxious patient. “You only have six months to live.” The man sat in stunned silence for several minutes. Regaining his composure the man told the doc that he had no medical insurance and he was flat broke. “I can’t possibly pay you in that time,” he said. “OK, then,” the doctor said. “Tell you what – let’s make it nine months!”

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