Letters from Prison #16

Letters from Prison


Hi P-,

Well, you old bastard, you didn’t send me a letter telling me anything so I thought I would write you. I will have to trust the fact that you made an appointment with — Solicitors for me. Anyway, by the time you get this I will probably be out. K- is picking me up, then we are going to MacDonalds. Then I have to go to Centrelink to get my crisis payment. On the way back to K-‘s place I’m going to get a couple of bottles of Wild Turkey. Once we get back to K-‘s I’ll ring you to see if and when you are picking me up. I’m going to have a proper shower, put on some clean clothes, and K- is going to take me to the club. We’re going to play the pokies. I’ll probably be drunk when you get here so, up front, I want to let you know I might be a little rowdy.

Only five more sleeps. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I’m nearly dancing around at muster. The screws asked me if I was on drugs. I laughed and said “I might be!” I may have already told you this but, one of the screws thanked me for being cheerful. He said I was like sunshine on a cloudy day. When I asked him what he meant he just said that all the inmates just say ‘Yes’ or grunt when their name is called but I’m always smiling and saying ‘Good morning!’ like I mean it. Apparently I’m a model prisoner.

My cellie, T-, left today. He got his parole approved yesterday and is back on weekend detention. Out of six months this is my second night without a cellmate. Hopefully they won’t put anyone else with me before I leave but you never know. OK! Catch you on the flipside big fella. Say hello to everyone and I’ll see you all soon.


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