Coffee Bitch #71. The Muffin Shop, Mossy Point

Coffee Bitch

four beans

The Muffin Shop, Mossy Point

I’m hearing some retro funk but it’s kinda being drowned out by the Wattle Bird. Nice.

A good part of the clientele here are local grey nomads who are not currently being nomadic. However, in season it can go fully yuppy with a sea of Volvo 4wds.

This was the cafe that had to happen, and it’s been busy since it opened in the 90’s. Much loved by the locals, it’s seen as a bit posh. Previously a coffee desert, Broulee/ Mossy Point was saved.

The coffee itself is good with a stand up flavour on the smoother side. The milk was teased to perfection, best crema for a while. Good barista. It arrived under three minutes although the table service was slack, and I enjoyed my coffee amongst the remains of someone else’s meal. Gross.

The atmosphere is beach casual, with chunky timber furniture. What’s really notable about this cafe is that it is totally al fresco. All the tables are outside. It works because some are under cover.


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