Chiffon #135. Safety First

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How safe are we? I heard somewhere that ninety nine point nine per cent of the planet intends no harm to fall upon me. That may be good and well but the harm that comes may not be physical and there are plenty of social rules (etty cut or manners) that we have adopted in our modern way of living that minimise that physical harm which may befall you. We possess a judicial system which recognises that protocol and regularly imposes punishment in the form of a financial burden to pay a fine and the courts also dish out compensation in the form of financial payment to people who have been hurt (by the point o one percent?).

According to our judicial system, money must be seen as the maker or breaker to the right versus wrong thing. I recall accounts of the exploits of crooks in America such as Bonny and Clyde. They went after money with guns and people went after them with guns. That is the way of it. Money makes a good motive for someone with a gun and the exchange of bullets usually providing the climax at the end of a story.

A person’s whims, wants or their needs, dictating their behaviour.

Imagined wants, needs and or whims can also lead to emotional hurt, financial pain (which hurts), this pain can effect your social self which may hurt someone else and if all this is happening in your life, the intellect is also suffering, severely.

When I was a kid there was less money about and I daresay that being a child empowered others to worry about my safety. Worry they did. I can remember playing backyard cricket on the corner nature strip well into the evening and I agree that failing light might seem a health and safety issue but the reality was a tennis ball could do little harm.

Nowadays things seem to be different.. Since nine eleven apparently that statistic has changed. Fundamentalists have vowed to wipe out all American imperialist dogs. So add that percentage of the fundamentalists to that statistic and very briefly stop and think about the possibilities of one or two of them for example sitting on a knoll somewhere and they have you in their cross hairs do you think they will (a) Ask you a question to see whether, you answer the question with an accent? (b) Ask you who the president of America is? (c) Just shoot you!

Probably none of these. The scenario is scary. Fear! This seems to be a weapon being used by governments upon their own populations by creating a perceived fear, putting a lot of high profile protection and security in place and nothing much seems to eventuate (we don’t know whether the threat was real or whether it is just overtime) giving us a sense of security so we feel safe, as well as grateful. Is their an advantage for government to provide a( false) sense of security?. After all you would think an army that has shoddy equipment is all you really need  Whatever we all tend to trust the government that is elected we have no reason to we don’t know these people.

If you did not know me, would you trust me?

No!, of course not! Money is the goal of most crooks and the goal for most crooks is not getting caught, Cyber crime seems to be the answer, (although, not foolproof) fraud. Crooks use computers they take your money and they don’t get caught and if they were really clever they would dress their operation up like a business, provide some kind of minimalist service in an area we could not do without, such as supplying electricity or food services or petroleum all of which just keep costing more and more .I really just don’t feel very secure, it all has to come to a head sooner or later.

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