Spat and Logie: new!shop

Great show on at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space in Gorman House, Braddon. Presenting as a ‘shop’, new!shop is an installation piece come performance art event featuring a bewildering array of ingeniously subverted technologies. There is much whimsical humour and plenty of social commentary, the main theme being (I think) consumerism’s pretence that it can solve all ills, physical and metaphysical.

To the unsettling tones of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ and the yapping of mechanical dogs, shoppers are encouraged to ‘purchase’ items, collecting them in tiny little shopping baskets and delivering them to the ‘checkout’ where they receive their ‘consumer fortune’. Shoppers can receive a free face lift and listen to a CD of pleasant conversations, and each item on the shelves is conveniently bar coded, with additional product information available from bar code readers or from a blind-folded staff member.

It’s well worth a look, and it’s running from Tuesday to Saturday (9th-13th May, 2006), 12-5 PM, but if you can’t get there, the pictures below may be some consolation.

eg: Anti-4, 11 Pills Each Time, 3 Times Each Day.

‘I Love You’

Yapping dogs.

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