Chiffon’s Biography, Part 2

Chiffon 0 : Retches 2

My return was seen for what it was: unbelievable, and I was hard working in order to rectify things. And to tell you the truth, my relationship deepened with this woman. I was also having others.

Eventually I got tired of the pressure and being followed around by the police who were nearly my constant followers whenever I went out to parties and they were usually there when I came home. This was not good so I said to myself, ‘self! You need a change.’ So I quit. I became a slut! And a party animal (I went underground, I thought). This could and might have been the opinion of other, not-so, persons, but I learnt nothing, merely exhibited my wares and I was happier.

Through my thespian interests, I went to a lot of theatre parties where I was able to have so much of everything that it occupied me twenty four seven and it all became very boring for me in time.

At this point in my career (for lack of a better word) and due to my uniqueness, I was naturally propelled into the fashion scene. I was a Trendsetter of Style so I got a job, designing, and this meant living in Sydney.

This is exactly what I did: I went. I obtained lodgings in Redfern, a room in a rather shabby terrace right next to the Resches Brewery in Bourke Street and I immediately started achieving the things necessary for the good times. I did not have to wait long.

I loved the fast lane as we called it.

That was the pinnacle of my so far very young but overflowing life. I had good money and a full diary and I spread myself more thickly over some things more than others. The thickest thing I poured over myself, and couldn”t you tell, and I had high teas with friends and harbor nights, breakfast at Sweethearts.

I occupied a very tight group of people and we all had special talents but it seemed that the biggest talent we had was for having heaps of fun and I found myself more than once, after I had lost myself. I remember the city would go berserk for the new years’ party. It was also a haven for the international and national performance artists. I knew a number of musicians who always take me and then suggest that they take me to a gig or two.

After becoming highly in demand by people for different things, I traveled, North, with a band going up the country as well, and everywhere they was, I was.

I had many experiences on my back and made a detour from the coast to visit a little town in QLD. This truly was a funny thing for me but they have lots of sapphire and stuff you would not believe in the pub. The miners were always stopping their language for me and buying me drinks and showing me their collections. It was fun for me but after a few short weeks we had to go.

I say ‘we’ as I had with me someone else (they would not wish me to be telling you of them), so I continued assessing the beautiful country that is the north up to where the crocodiles are perfectly suited. This I found a little unnerving so, having already been attracted to the dreaming, I set off to see if I could not either seek political asylum with Prince Len at Hutt River Province, or I would find a reef of Gold rumoured to be in the area. We went west. Unbeknownst to me, I had the sickness or fever as they call it.

An indication of how small this country is occurred while I am driving,west of a little town on the QLD border, its name – Cammoweal – and we were thirty or forty miles into the trip and we go past a green four-wheel drive going the opposite way and I thought that a cop was driving. I was right. The next instant it pulled alongside of me and the female in the front seat was someone I had previously met in Sydney and the spooky thing was, they were on their way to visit me. Yes, I know what you would think and I would agree, this was a huge coincidence.

Needless to say we shared a drink of the water, right there and then, and then we split and I found myself heading towards the centre.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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