Canberra’s Epidemic of Violence

Please forgive the Canberra Times style headline, there’s no ‘epidemic’, but anecdotal reports have certainly created the impression that violent events have begun plaguing a number of formerly safe havens, bars whose clientelle are just not used to that sort of thing.

The Phoenix’ demographic of hippies, pot-heads, poets, socialists and archeology students for example, is as likely to engage in a bit of biffo as they would troop off to a Young Liberal’s meeting, but last weeks Bootleg Session saw a regular patron and warbler, Pete Hayes, kicked to shit on the pavement by three guys. This followed on from the previous Wednesday where Police allegedly were called four times to attend violent incidents.

According to one astonished patron, the Saturday in between saw punters unable to leave the Pot Belly for 20 minutes as a violent melee ensued. And RiotACT reports an incident at All Bar Nun involving a knife-wielding lunatic attempting to run over another patron.

It could be the result of Ice-induced aggression – another social phenomenon that the press delights in calling an ‘epidemic’ – but I think there’s been some breakdown in the social order such that stupid young males aren’t being made aware of their traditional drinking grounds, Mooseheads and PJ’s and the like, and are wandering around, terribly confused, surrounded by people who can put a sentence or two together and, understandably, having a nasty fight or… fight response.

What’s needed here is a public education program, possibly beginning in upper highschool, with excursions to appropriate night spots, classes in etiquette (wouldn’t want to get caught drinking a poofda drink) and, on graduation, a Mooseheads drinks voucher, a striped polo shirt and a packet of condoms.

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  2. condoms?

    it’s a double edged sword – do you hope for syphillis to take them young, or stop them breeding??