Lonely Canberra

A few weeks ago travel guide, The Lonely Planet, visited town to film an episode of ‘Bluelist Australia’, an ‘alternative’ tv travel show. Their itinerary included a couple of gigs (The Cashews doing a guerilla show and Dahahoo’s CD launch), a bike ride with the Rat Patrol and a visit to the Gorman House Markets.

Word has it the episode will screen on SBS on Wednesday 6th June at 8pm and it’s just possible they could include a few pictures from the Backyard Backanalia in it, a release form having popped into my inbox a little while ago for that purpose. Not being all that familiar with contracts, I have to say I found it rather amusing. I quote:

Owner hereby grants Lonely Planet Television (“Producer”) and their respective parents, successors, licensees and assigns, the right, but not the obligation, to incorporate the Film Footage/Video Footage & soundtrack/Still Photograph described above (the “Property”) in any manner The Producer sees fit in the Producer”s film or video production presently entitled “BlueList Australia” (the “Production”), and to use and authorize others to use the Property as so incorporated in the Production in the distribution, sale, licensing, marketing, advertising, promotion, exhibition and other exploitation of the Production in all markets and media (whether now known or hereafter developed), throughout the universe, in perpetuity. In full consideration of all rights granted herein, Producer agrees to pay to Owner, and Owner agrees to accept, a license fee of ZERO DOLLARS.

I don’t know. Should I push for a 50% increase in my fee?

2 Responses to “Lonely Canberra”

  1. Most people find the thought of TV generated celebrity status to be too good to refuse. A common example is the the antics of the queanbeyanites who flock to a Raiders game and then perform their orgastic rituals on-cue to whichever camera might be pointing in their general direction, simply to obtain the dubious status of being on television.

    To be anointed thusly by our one-eyed god seems to bestow a tick of approval on our otherwise mundane existence.

  2. Waxing philosophical there qedqed