Chiffon #137. Bic Breakout


Did you know that Albert Einstein invented the word ‘hello?’ (actually he didn’t – Ed). Apparently ‘hullo’ refers to when you are expressing surprise such as ‘oh hullo! What do we have here’ or when you meet mister or missus bombshell, you might say, ‘hullo, hullo, hullo what do we have here?’ This happens to me a lot, simply because I am beautiful and hard to categorise into any of the degrees of difficulty such as easy, not easy, anyhow, I am off the subject again.

What I want to tell you is not off the subject, which of course is me, but I have to dress it up so it resembles intelligent and considered opinion correct in its detail, and the shame of it all is that this is not me. No way does this writing game get very easy.

I had a collection of Bic cigarette lighters. I had been collecting these over the last two years or thereabouts. I had the opportunity of doing something other than keeping them in a suitcase and standing them up and knocking them down occasionally. I took my little collection down to the design department at the C.I.T. where I am involved in getting some initials behind my name and on the staircase landing I opened my case and emptied it of all the lighters, standing them up and arranging them so that they looked as if they were escaping and emigrating from their cell (the suitcase) and were streaming off in four different directions. Some were making a beeline for the service elevator and others were attempting to walk down the stairs (not easy for a Bic), while others in a moment of madness flung themselves off the landing, plummeting to the tarmac below. It was an installation piece for my ‘initials accumulation course’ which is involving visual arts.

The story does not end there. I did not go straight home after this mass breakout of Bic lighters, no, I went to my friends place to brag about my day and then I went home but I left my case with the lighter collection sitting out the back of his house and it rained in the middle of the night, worrying me no end (can you believe this). They are alright though.

A couple of nights later, I get a phone call at three in the morning from my mate who is very animated and he tells me I am not going to be happy. Why? Well apparently he has come home drunk and kicked the case exposing the hundreds of lighters in my collection and he himself decided all by himself to liberate them or display them, so he has made little clasps for each lighter and is hanging them on a metal grid which is sizeable and will require him to continue collecting lighters for the next few years.

What really strikes me is how easy and willing people are to hop in your dream and attempt to keep it going, not realising that they are trampling on it.

Luff Chiffon XXX

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