Quick go the Shears…

…when you’re speeding off your tits.

Verse 1

Out on the board the young shearer stands
A wretched skinny bloke with a tremor in the hands
Glazed are his eyes as he stumbles through the shed
“Get the drug test kit out Paddy, this guys off his head”

Chorus (after every verse)

Buzz goes the test kit, buzz, buzz, buzz
If we get a positive we’ll call the bloody fuzz
The ringer looks around and is totally surprised
Everyone’s as maggoted as little baby flies

Verse 2

Paddy’s shooting meth with the tar-boy up the back
The snagger’s in repose after smoking too much crack
Shifty’s nodded off in the middle of a ewe
How we gonna shear the sheep with this motley crew?

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