Coffee Bitch #76. My Cafe, Manuka

Coffee Bitch

three and a half beans

My Cafe, Manuka

Real estate agents call it the “Parisian cafe look”, which means the cafe has outside tables. And is snobby.

“My Cafe” nestles in the crutch of Manuka with views of a pedestrian crossing. Which means it’s in a slow spot. So is my coffee order. So it doesn’t matter that it is smooth, flavour ridden, with a good crema; it took longer than three minutes, it doesn’t pass.

I’m not offered water but there is an ashtray. Plenty of pedestrian action, pigeon action, and passing traffic make it prime rubber-necking turf.

“My Cafe” is a favourite of many locals, but the staff aren’t exactly savvy and you may be asleep by the time your coffee arrives.

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