The Aussie Attacks

“The head of the Christ is God,” just as “the head of a woman is the man.”

So says ‘What Does the Bible Really Teach’, the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ booklet, also noting that wives can tactfully disagree with their husbands, but must submit to the husband’s final decision. Thank goodness Jehovah’s Witnessers don’t vote.

Now we know that the wife of the prime minister-in-waiting would not willingly conform to the way the unions want staff to be employed. And if the first lady of Labor embraced the Government’s workplace reforms they obviously were not as bad as the unions, and Julia Gillard, claimed.”

So says the editorial of The Australian this morning, claiming that Labor’s attacks on employers using workplace reforms to screw down employees’ wages and conditions has come back to bite them on the bum.

I’d like to say that Work Choices has created conditions in which even ‘good employers’ will take advantage of the new laws. How could they not, when all of their competitors are doing the same? But in the case of Ms Rein (and not Mrs Rudd as Mark Vaile repeatedly named her on the Sunday program yesterday), what relevance would it have?

Ms Rein, as far as I know, could be a penny-pinching fascist who treats her staff like peasants in the field. She is not, I suspect, a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and is therefore probably not operating under the direction of her husband. She may ‘tactfully disagree’ with her husband about industrial relations policy and might even have voted for the Libs. Shock bloody horror!

To suggest that this puts the mockers on Labor’s industrial relations policies is to suggest that the Libs policy on internet porn is corrupt because Janette once wanked to And it’s strange, this attack, when the Liberals have already conceded that Work Choices has had ‘unintended results’ and needs a make-over with accompanying multi-million dollar ‘re-education campaign’.

Therese Rein will sell the Australian parts of her business because of conflicts of interest that would inevitably arise from tendering for contracts from a Labor Government. End of story.

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  1. Smoke and mirrors…this is not a real issue anyway, global warming and oil depletion are slightly more critical issues which warrant our leaders attention.