Bestiality, Cocks, Vaginoplasty

This week’s episode of Rake (ABC, 8.30pm Thursday) dealt with the taboo issue of bestiality and rather improbably climaxed with a not guilty verdict for an esteemed doctor caught on tape having sex with his wife and the family rottie. No doubt there will be much gnashing of dentured jaws throughout the nation, and possibly that was the intention, but the reason I bring it up is because of the ploy by the defence, played suitably rakishly by Richard Roxburgh, to repeatedly replay the dvd of the sex scene to the jury, theorising that after watching it 50 times himself, his reaction had evolved from shock, horror and disgust to benign amusement, as, hopefully, would the jury’s.

I was reminded of a recent experience of mine whereby, having formerly rarely ever seen a male fondling his own penis, I have now possibly seen enough for a lifetime, and just in the last week. I am referring, of course, to some spare time spent on Chatroulette or its derivatives, the which I do, to paraphrase the old Playboy adage, just to have an interesting video chat with diverse people from around the globe. The which I have done, but bizarrely interspersed by much of what I now term ‘trawling through the cocks’, next, next, nexting through an initially disturbing cavalcade of men, variously arranged, but in general with their camera focused on their organ of reproduction, which they generally fondle vigorously.

What these men are thinking, how they are already clearly aroused when one assumes they must have been trawling the same cock menu prior to meeting up with one, is hard to fathom? One might think they were gay, but occasional attempts to enquire as to their motives largely result in terse entreaties such as ‘show boobs’ (to clear up any confusion, I am sometimes joined in chatting by my female partner) or ‘have sex’, seemingly ruling homosexuality out.

To digress somewhat further (because I do actually have a point here), one rarely meets women on these sites, and more rare yet are other couples. Such women as one does meet have, on occasion, turned out to be videos routed through the webcam (with software that is frequently flogged in the same manner on the chat sites) with god knows who working the keyboard. Beware. A quick and easy check is to ask them to touch their left elbow or some such. Generally they realise they’re foiled and next you.

But to my point. Actually, the first of my two points. While I can’t say my initial reaction to seeing lots of manhandled cocks was ‘shock, horror and disgust’, there was a certain amount of distaste and, like Roxburgh’s Cleaver Greene, after repeated exposure, my reaction… dulled, somewhat. Without getting too deep into it, hetero men viewing other guys’ penises is a tricky area rich in homophobic irrationality, envy and a sense of inadequacy, possibly things all civilised men should get over. And maybe a few hours of random video chat could help?

Of interest however, and here we draw towards my second point. Once one becomes, shall we say, inured, to the sight of numerous erect cocks, and can view them dispassionately, one realises, amongst other things, that there is a vast range of penises in terms of, obviously, size (length and girth) but also shape (cigar, cone, mushroom, gourd, banana, etc.), colour, texture and, deriving from those but perhaps including some other, less tangible, qualities, an aspect we might call ‘personality’.

All of which, when it comes to literature, porn writing, dating sites and popular culture generally – one might say the public ‘consciousness’ – are completely ignored, but for the one yard stick with currency, being length,  and still, mysteriously, measured in inches. ‘He’s got a big cock’ is sufficient. Seldom does one hear ‘he’s got a nice cock’ and if one does, there are never any details. Perhaps we don’t need a more refined penile aesthetic, but anecdotally I’ve formed the opinion that at least some women are very conscious of penile personality and that it plays a role in sexual selection, at least in situations where a penis can be observed prior to consent. One more thing to worry about? Not if you keep it in your pants I suppose.

I would hazard a guess that most women, once familiar with a loved one’s organ, will love it as a mother loves even their ugliest child, or at least give their partner to understand so. But with men seemingly following women into increasingly radical cosmetic modifications (hair removal, butt/chest implants, etc.), how long can it be before penoplasty becomes available? And yes, as we’ve all learned from our spam box, there are already a million products out there for increasing the size of penises, many of which work, I’m sure. But when will arise the operation to rearrange the curvature, to expand the dome, to raise the aesthetic appeal in short?

Vaginoplasty is a growth segment in the plastic surgery market, with increasing numbers of women succumbing to the notion that their vaginas are unbecoming, too flappy or untidy or such. I met a lady once who confessed she was self-conscious about her pussy’s appearance. A close inspection revealed it to be perfectly normal (IMHO) and I hope she was convinced. My partner’s opinion, which I share, is that should any man be lucky enough to gain a close view of a woman’s organs of intimacy, they oughtn’t to be judging the clam by its shell so to speak. And yet even she finds some male members distasteful…?

It’s a tricky one and I really don’t know what to think about it, except to say my penis is beautiful just the way it is (IMHO).

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