VB Drops in Strength: The Veebees to Blame?

Localish band, The Veebees, who we plucked from obscurity into relatively less obscurity in Podcast #47, may soon find themselves joining Boony, Botham and other similarly rotund sportsbastards selling Australia’s iconic booner sportsbeer, Victoria Bitter (v.4.8%).

Hot off the news wires comes the not-so-surprising news that the boys are to have their recently produced music video for the song ‘Drive-Thru Bottlo’ aired on the forthcoming series of Blokes World, which insiders kindly describe as ‘a 30 minute VB ad with its tits out’. Other songs from their two albums will also apparently play throughout the series (scroll down to view video).

As exciting as that may be, it’s not really a surprise because: I’m pretty sure we discussed the idea during the podcast (15th minute), they are named after the major sponsor, they play a ‘lager’ phone (though I believe they are considering upgrading to a bitterphone) and they are genuinely funny bastards with no intellectual pretentions whatsoever. In short, they are the perfect booner boofhead band for a booner boofhead beer advertorial.

Norro, the band’s energetic singer and lagerphone maestro (lagophonist to be correct) said of the recently concluded negotiations:


Just got offova the phone to some big time hot shot TV producer and as a result I have some great news a’ la the VB’s. By the way I’m sick of having to hob nob it with the who’s who of the Australian TV and media world. Me tux is wearing thin and the stretched Rodeo won’t fit in the drive way. That, and the A-list scene ain’t all its cracked up to be. Boof headed hoity toity champagne drinkin’ wanna be’s.

And soon-to-be highly esteemed colleagues of course…

Also hot off the news wires, the disturbing announcement from VB brewer, Fosters, that the alcoholic content of the beer, affectionately known as Vomit Bomb, will reduce from 4.9 to 4.8%, the resulting savings to be poured into promotion.

Geez! How much do these Veebees cost exactly?

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One Response to “VB Drops in Strength: The Veebees to Blame?”

  1. Well done VeeBees! It’s so nice to see the local boys exposing themselves.

    (btw Norro; Now that you’ve made the big time, could you return that book I lent you back in Podcast #47? Unless you’re planning to review it for Blokesworld?)