Insatiable Banalities #1

Loadedog has teamed up with RiotACT and our good friend Captain Pants and produced a podcast, which is like a poor man’s version of radio.

The show consists of some local music tracks and some (some have said too much) silly banter from the three of us. Listening back to it ourselves has been good exercise for the cringeceps, those important, but often neglected, muscles.

Click Audio MP3 to play podcast.


The XML link above is only for people who have podcasting software which you can find here.

Track list:

The Henchmen, Parliamentary Swan song – 1.14

Pete Lyon, Indian Pacific – 9.16

Atlatl, Meditation – 23.34

The Cashews, Gunna Tell – 40.58

Caution Horses, Love is Better – 52.00

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