This is me saying to you life she is warming up in my lounge room, as I am with the heater (like who isn”t). It is so cold.

I am feeling decidedly lazy and unmotivated. Hey! Here is a thought in relation to and about the government and its prohibitive treatment of current events in the remoter communities. The mayor of Darwin said on S.B.S. Monday night (and I agree), this wont work as there is no infrastructure, no support. It’s one thing getting the alcohol turned off but then what..?

I was talking to the closest thing to missus bucket, pronounced bouquet, and she was watching Aboriginal children in central Australia (supposedly) on the television. They were milling around the cameras as they do and she said, they (the government, the police, the army preferably) should put them (the Aboriginal children) in schools and when I said there weren”t any schools, doctors, shops, sports ovals, no thing built, she was quite indignant. She just told me to stop arguing.

Why don”t alcoholically aware and charitable to boot organizations get in their cars, go on holidays and live and share the love and experience these remote settlements? And establish recovery (self help) groups, psychotherapy groups, anger management, sponsoring whatever and maybe bring individuals to detox and then train them in marketing and entrepreneurial skills that could advance a proud people. Yeah!

Look, even if you give Mr. Howard the benefit of the doubt and why should you suspect anything other than a political stunt in an election year? Unless you love watching that vision of police pouring liquid into the ground like they were members of the untouchables busting bootleg alcohol during prohibition (my own favorite is the police man who has provided his own attractive blue and white striped full face helmet giving the whole thing a carnival style relaxedness).

What is worrying me is that this would not be the first time politicians have made a grab for votes, using children and abuse. What about Bob Hawke or Hawkie as he is more often referred to. Remember the statement by nineteen ninety nine no Australian kiddie will live in poverty? They only realized half the littlies were missing breakfast a few years ago, and they still haven”t realized the shit they give to kiddies for breakfast is full of shit”. STILL!

Boy that one was a good winge. Hey I heard this one guy, who was some expert on tell-tale signs someone is lying. Well, he maintained one of the surefire signs someone was lying was by the voice going up sharply an octave or two. This confirms that that they don”t believe in what they are saying.

I don”t mean to suggest anything but there is an advertisement on the telly where this man introduces us to a purported poverty stricken village, with a rave for money and how it and therefore you or I can help this particular cause (Austcare). Well this guys voice goes up so high just when he tells you you can make a difference (did I mention that he is handicapped, adding to the pathos). I don”t know whether to feel more sorry for the plight he describes or the solution he subscribes but I can’t help express a degree of cynicism because of the way he is saying what he is saying ?

Luff Chiffon XXX

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