Recorded on Tuesday 22nd March, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #3 features the usual cast: Jim Boots, Johnboy, Captain Pants and Gertrude are all in their usual form. This week they have a special guest in the studio as the Insatiable Banalities crew wanted to say goodbye to Jason Maynard, singer songwriter and front man for local band, Griffin, who is off to warmer climes.The music is local, the beer is home brewed, the conversation is insatiably banal and, with one rambling conversation too many this week, there is an extra 8.7% of podcast, free to you, dear listeners, for having been so good and downloaded the last two casts.

For new listeners, you can either download the file (65 meg) and listen to it on your mp3 player, or you can stream it, which means you only have to download as much as you can be bothered listening to.

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Track list:

Griffin, This World. 1:29

Griffin, Perfect Nightmare. 14:47

Mikelangelo, Fatten Yourself up for the Kill. 29:35

Pete and Fiete, The Rise of the Pink Zeppelin. 46:18

Pete and Fiete, Kiss of the Black Sea. 49:02

Special Gueststar, Girls on Planes. 1:05:13

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