Recorded on Tuesday 5th April, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #4 features the usual cast plus a guest appearance by Sharkie. Read below for a track list and a summary of this weeks banal conversation topics.

The music is local, the beer is domestic, the conversation is insatiably banal and you’ll feel just like you’re in the loungeroom with them.

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Track list:

Displaced Dads, Suppression. 3.40

Barry Drive. 10.40

Gravity Well. 20.37

Sue Cunningham, The Truck Song. 33.24

Ngaire Kinnear, Please be Sober. 49.21


Song number one, ‘Suppression’ by ‘Displaced Dads’, stimulates a rambling discussion about family law in Australia. Our mate Bruce made this extremely cheesy album in 1996, purely to provoke debate about the role of fathers as parents after separation. He took it on tour up and down the East Coast, and even went on the Midday Show (we think with Kerri-Anne Kennerly).

Song number two, the title of which we don’t know, is by Barry Drive and contains the memorable lyric ‘I know your tits are tiny (pretty sure it’s tiny, not tidy), they jiggle when you fart’. John boy thinks Gravity Well (song number three, title unknown)

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