CHIFFON #48: A Wagg in Wagga


I was curious as a result of having a conversation and hearing someone refering to standards and I thought about foodstuffs and the various standards such as health, ingredients etc.. and I wondered what ‘home style’ means.

Homestyle conjures up the right image for me but whose home are they referring to and what style is peculiar to whichever home? And what exactly does one hundred percent beef mean? I only ask as I have never seen beef in paddocks. I know what I am supposed to imagine when I hear the word beef, but if you ground up what you see in a paddock, what we call a cow, would you eat it with sinew, bone, gristle, organs as well as blood vessels being pulped and packaged as a burger? Of course that doesn”t happen really.

I recently went to the Riverina to a little town, and it is, although it has a population which categorizes it as a city of small town people. A thing peculiar to country towns I am familiar with is a propensity for following the leader downhill. I am referring to the role played by these communities in fabricating or at least supporting fabricating bullshit so as to help this multi-national denutritionalise the food industry whilst at the same time appearing to be at the forefront of caring..

Ronald Macdonald house in Wagga does not appear to be one of the houses supporting with accommodation any of the two hundred families visiting hospital (Wagga has two hospitals). It has been empty every time I have been to Wagga over the last six months. I am curious as to the benefit of owning a house and saying it is being used when it is not in use but someone is employed to do the garden so it appears to be used.

Could it be the propaganda value involved in announcing that these houses exist (in the form of an advertisement)? This pulling of the heartstrings serves the burger emporium in good stead, not to mention the ins and outs of owning real estate which may or may not be a charity (that”s important for tax reasons).

What if whore houses were revenue raisers for churches? Would there be accusations of hypocrisy as well as double standards. Every winter we hear about the cold and the homeless. What would this town say about depriving god knows how many of a place to sleep? I guess they like hamburglar more than Christian ethics.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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