Recorded on Sunday 10th April, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #5 features special guest Zoe, author of Crazybrave, Canberra’s best blog (2005 Australian Blog Awards).

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Track list:

Redletter, Stately Homes. 4:07

Simone Penkethman, Buy a Little Drink for Me. 21:36

Jane Williams, Bird Song. 36:29

Baron Samadhi, Bali Mushroom. 52:41

Hashemoto, Sun Comes In. 1:04:47


Zoe is introduced and asked for details of a recent nipple exposing incident during a meeting of Canberra bloggers. It was all a storm in a D-cup apparently. After Redletter, Zoe is asked to elaborate on her dislike of the Ipod thereafter a ramble about audio quality generally, the analogue/digital debate and whether LP’s are made out of beetles ensues.

Simone Penkethman’s song “Buy a Little Drink for Me’ stimulates a conversation about the effects of alcohol on male sexual performance and adult bed-wetting, segueing into the issues of privacy in the blogosphere, particularly when partners are involved. Then Johnboy starts bemoaning the almost constant stream of criticism he gets on his blog. Somebody send him a nice comment, pleeease!

Johnboy tells a lovely story about Jane Williams stepping into the breach one night at the Pot Belly. He’d got too drunk to continue taking notes for a review of a Pop the Pot gig, had, in fact, fallen asleep on the table. The next day reading his notes, he found the last half of the gig written up by the lovely Jane.

How many dead cats is it acceptable to have in your fridge? 30 is apparently too many. Jim Boots manages to slip in a plug for his uncle who runs a business in Wagga disposing of dead pets.

Baron Samadhi sing ‘Bali Mushroom’ leading to a discussion of the Chapelle Corby case with some questionable things said about beauty students (it’s not mentioned, but Reg Mombassa said the other day ‘Why would you smuggle pot to Bali? It’s cheaper there than it is here). Zoe then admits her Catholic roots and her bibliophilic tendencies.

Hashemoto closes out the musical component and the show finishes with a plea to international listeners to send in a postcard (PO Box 4332, Hawker, ACT, 2614, Australia).

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