Recorded on Tuesday 19th April, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #6 features the regular cast plus special guests Alex Asch, Mitchee the Kid and Terry, Mitchee the Kid’s ageing fox terrier.

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Track list:

Road Kill Love, Cincinnati. 1:45

The Veebees, Whadya Ya Reckon About My Ute. 12:49

Swish, It Ends Tonight. 24:50

Ocean Moses, Bobby Lee’s Song. 36:21

Broken Peg, February. 51:44


As well as being a well-known sculptor, something we neglect to talk to him about, Alex plays guitar and writes songs, having had a long musical collaboration with his cousin Sophie Havilland with whom he recorded an as yet unreleased CD last year under the name ‘Roadkill Love’. Apart from that, he usually jams up at Mitchee the Kid’s house in Ainslie with Gertrude and a number of other unsavoury characters forming an itinerant backing band.

Mitchee the Kid, who as far as we know only started calling himself Mitchee the Kid that day, plays percussion with Alex and with Slim Pickins and Round John Virgin. His other claim to fame was appearing in an ABC TV documentary called, I think, Men and their Sheds. After hearing one of Roadkill Love’s songs, we discuss the making of the CD before introducing, at length, the Veebee’s song Whadya Think About My Ute’.from their CD ‘Get it in Ya’. After that, we discuss utes, SUV’s AUV’s and the Toyota Prius before quizzing Mitchee the Kid about Men and their Sheds. Alex tells the story of Mitchee’s 50th birthday party at Olim’s (the Ainslie Hotel) some years back. The planned mass viewing of a tape of the program had to be abandoned when someone nicked Olim’s video recorder with the tape cued up inside. Strangely, Mitchee the Kid informed us, the perpetrator tried to sell the recorder back to Olim’s the next day, suggesting the local junkies aren’t the brightest lot.

After playing Swish, we have some news about women’s attraction to risk-taking men and somehow Tony Abbott is brought up again, the question being asked, what does his son do next Father’s Day? An unreleased Ocean Moses track, Bobby Lee’s Song, follows and is proceeded by a discussion of its lyrical intent moving, inexorably, onto grown men bed wetting (yet again) and other scatological subjects.

Lastly we discuss recent ridiculous miracles, Mariolatry and the NSW Greens warning to the Vatican about George Pell, should they be considering making him Pope. In the background, Mitchee the Kid can clearly be heard muttering ‘He’s a fiddler’. What he means by that, I can’t say.

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