Sammy the Singing Scrotum Returns

Last week I posted this ramble on the madness that is the morning news, and included a video I made a while back called ‘Sammy the Singing Scrotum’. I hosted the clip on Utube and, while I’m sure about 50 people saw it on my site, 6193 people watched it on Utube in the first three days. Then it was pulled, ‘rejected (content inappropriate)’!?

Sammy the Singing Scrotum

What could be inappropriate about an educational video on the amublations of the cullions thought I. But somewhere out there in this twisted world, somebody saw fit to complain about little Sammy and the censor’s sword was swung.

Fortunately we were able to find another, shall we say, less discerning video host and Sammy returns, along with the original story about his creation. Both await after the jump.

Sammy the Singing Scrotum
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The Story

At first we were just going to shoot some footage of a testicle (testicles actually) squirming around (as they do) and put it up here as an educational item about a strange and some may say wonderful phenomenon.

Why do testicles squirm the way they do? You did know they squirm didn’t you? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with arousal. I can assure you that the testicles in the movie are not attached to an aroused man, and still those little fellas were rolling around in there like a couple of puppies in a canvas sack. Anyhow, we don’t have any answers here, just plenty of questions.

After the footage was shot, as usual things started getting a bit out of hand. First we played around with the film speed, eventually revving it up about eight times so don’t be fooled, testicles do squirm around like crazy but not that crazy.

Then we started thinking about some musical accompaniment, but no existing music had the required gravitas and sense of unfolding wonder so we pulled out the keyboard and played around for a while.

Then we got distracted and started anthropomorphising the testicles. They seemed to be developing a very whimsical character and it was decided they should have a face. Out came the thick black texta and some more footage was shot. Unfortunately it was drawn in the wrong orientation and looked like crap.

Not to be thwarted, another concept quickly developed and, a bit of image theft and photoshopping later, we had the beginnings of a face, being glasses and eyes, and Sammy was born.

Back to the keyboard and, now that Sammy had a face (and presumably would have a mouth in that face) it was decided he could perhaps sing a song. Well you’ll hear the song yourself soon (if you’re brave enough) so I won’t go on about it, suffice to say that we recorded a track of roughly the length of the footage and it was time to start putting stuff together.

Having imported the files into the video editor, it was time to work out how to get the thingamy jiggers to move around as required, the labour of some hours, followed by the tedious and fiddly task of manipulating every little motion as required.

Tiring of that, we took a break to consider the mouth. The first idea was to photograph a mouth in various positions and jam the images into the footage at the appropriate times to approximate the movements of singing. Thank god someone thought of a better way. We set up the camera and filmed someone lip synching to the recorded track, then synched up that footage over the rest and applied a mask, removing everything from the shot but an oval around the mouth. It reminds me of Clutch Cargo, an animated adventure show from the fifties which was all cartoon except the mouths which were uncomfortably fleshy and moist.

It’s not perfect, none of it, but it’s as good as you get on a budget of zero and a limited attention span. When it was finished, we sat and watched it about ten times and I’m afraid to say we were in hysterics. It is simultaneously compelling, revolting, pathetic, stupid, full of pathos and very funny (if you like that sort of thing).

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