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I must quickly give you an update of my experience of Conflict Vietnam, a computer game that I recently found myself conscripted to. After wandering around the compound with a grenade, I finally found someone to talk to. They were one of the locals and told me their name, which was Charlie. As luck would have it that was the same as the name of the company that I had to report to.

We chatted a while but he had to go as he said he was working. I continued wandering aimlessly around however the continual blasting of the cannons reduced me to a state of shock, shellshock they call it, so I was sent home and discharged.

Now I have to inform you of the new Austcare advertisement on the telly. You would remember my observation concerning their first ad. They have now remade it. Same add, same message, same village, same fresh water pump. The star seems to have received coaching and or a valium as his voice does not hit those high pitches as obviously or as frequently as in the first add (did I mention he also possesses a pair of crutches).

Now this is the thing. Why is money being spent on promoting this man, the helping face of Austcare? What message are we sending to Aussies, indeed anyone? Could it be that Austcare, who would say they are under funded, are actually funding their admin/publicity machine with donations?

Perhaps they have decided to present a persona and morph much like the Australian Pensioner Insurance Association (APIA). This seems to be a strategy similar to that of McDonalds where an association between a character (an illusion) and a shoddy service is presented in such a way as to make you think all the right things and blindly become compliant. It could be seen as a way to digress from the presented agenda.

I also would like to think that someone in their organization read my previous article and, without making any kind of donation, have run away with my concerns and done something about them and obviously they have spent money on their new add but have I noticed any contribution for my efforts? No!

I should remind every reader that reading my articles or indeed any article on this site, whether you agree with them or not, they serve a purpose, because you read it. I would not expect free beer just because I sat in a pub so register with pay pal and avoid any future confusion.

Luff Privately Chiffon xxx

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