CHIFFON #56. Opening Time



Since realizing other people (namely no one in particular) read my little ditties I am challenged to see whether I could effect a change. I have noticed a pattern of preference being exhibited by our morning T.V. hosts who repetitiously pedal their perversions throughout the programs, obviously unaware.

For instance if the cooking segment on the channel ten morning show, Nine AM, was a pub you might be led to conclude they were a bit compulsive-obsessive about the wine increment. This seems to be as integral to this segment as heat. Why can’t they explore the world of fruit juices, coffees, teas and or water which I hear in most developed (and under developed) eating cultures is preferred and a requirement with a meal.

And why David (a father albeit somewhat neurotic) do you insist on allowing yourself to be manipulated into portraying a male in a kitchen, able only to selfishly drink and eat, much like the family pet?

You are always wingeing about the heavily taxed society we live in, SO, it might be prudent not to consume unnecessary and heavily taxed products such as alcohol, mazzeratis and the like. Have you got balls or are they just tease tickles?

One Response to “CHIFFON #56. Opening Time”

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are preaching to the converted here.