CHIFFON #57. A Cross Against Calvary



It has not gone away and I am fucked to know what lesson life she is teaching me what?

I received a bill, a demand, the other day, a final demand for another one hundred and sixty dollars give or take. This cynical reminder of my experience at O’Conner House, a detox-come-rehab situated on the grounds of Calvary hospital (where did they crucify Jesus?), arrived a week after I was last in Wagga where I gave them a ring as it was their birthday celebration. I rang to say hullo and let them know I was traveling along quite well thank you very much.

The gentleman I spoke to on the phone I recognized as the same worker who I had annoyed with my unique brand of intelligence whilst I had been there and I had heard that he had taken stress leave as a result whilst I was there (I thought he had a cold). I could detect an irritation in his voice so, having finished with the pleasantries, I bid him farewell. It was also this gentleman who wrote me a receipt for all the money I owed as I was quoted one price and informed of an increase in fees in my third week however an agreement was reached.

I don”t mind them charging more however when I was there construction was on three sides of the building and very dodgy alternative arrangements were made for the patients/clients/inmates whatever. I spent a lot of my free time in an area provided for smoking looking at the HIGHLY FLAMMABLE sign on a cage containing the hospital’s oxygen supply. I noticed I also talked more with God during these times.

I wouldn”t mind paying more if I had my own room. As it was I shared a room with two snoring individuals in denial.

I would not mind paying more if they stopped looking at their charges as sources of revenue (they made profit off the public phone).

I would not mind paying more if I wasn”t inflicted with a manic depressive schizophrenic alcoholic drug addicted teenager who had two screaming kids with a female who gave new meaning to water retention.

I would not mind paying more if I had of been asked, but I wasn’t.

I would not mind paying more if I received anything other than their small mindedness and country town prejudice.

Luff Chiffon xxx

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