WTF Happened?

Did you miss us? I could explain why we were gone, but it’d bore you. I would explain our sudden reappearance, but I haven’t a clue. Suffice to say, we’re happy to be back, we’re raring to go after an extended, if somewhat gloomy, break, and… sorry, we are very sorry for any anguish our absence may have caused.

6 Responses to “WTF Happened?”

  1. I missed you terribly, but didn’t want to get on your back about it.

  2. Thanks RG, we feel the love.

  3. It was like waking up and finding the pillow next to you is cold.

  4. As I am (was) also a fan of the Jack Marx blog that was axed from the Fairfax site a couple of weeks ago, I can’t begin to tell you the mental anguish I felt when I found that Loadedog was also gone. Frankly, it wasn’t good for my emotional health and it now seems to me that all digital media is ephemeral and impermanent… like nothing more than a bunch of tricked up electrons pretending to be words on a page.

  5. Nice to see you back.

    It seemed as though you’d forgotten to renew the domain name – hope they didn’t charge you too much to get it back.

    I thought the Jack Marx blog had its moments gertbysea but always got the sense that he thought he was smarter than he is.

  6. It was an uncomfortable experience for us too, arbitrarily being dispersed into the ether, but books have been burned, tapes erased, LP’s scratched, cities erased, everything is impermanent is it not?

    Yes, ’twas the domain name, 10 days before my hosts responded.