Brave New Venue

In the ever-fluctuating fortunes of the local live music scene, it’s a good day when we can announce the opening of a new venue, so it’s with pleasure and some trepidation that we note a brave new venture by the former co-ordinator of the Merry Muse Club, Bill Arnett (a.k.a. the Big Fat Fairy).

Bill explains:

The Folkus Room will be operating out of rooms at the Serbian Cultural Centre & Club, 5 Heard Street Mawson ACT. The venue was chosen after again considering several options. Mawson is no more than 30 minutes drive from anywhere in Canberra and is a transport hub for those who do buses. It is handy to all major arterials and is very close to the geographical centre of Canberra. It also serves southside patrons who have been deprived of a quality live music venue for many years.

We are teaming up with the Serb community at a time when they are seeking to expand the operations of their business in many ways. A name change is mooted to be more in keeping with modern trends in club land and renovations are happening which will increase opportunities for entertainment options.

In time it is envisaged that live music will happen at the place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the emphasis on folk music but with options open to blues, jazz & country styles as well

Good luck to Bill. I reckon it could be tough to pull a good crowd out in Southlands, but if anyone can do it, maybe he’s it.

One Response to “Brave New Venue”

  1. Good luck Bill, it’s a great idea and I hope you can get the acts you need to draw the crowds. Been missing you mate : ))
    Viking Princess