Recorded on Tuesday 28th June, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #15’s guests are Ben Lopez and Kate Sullivan from Meatbee and Sharkie also makes one of her occasional appearances. All songs in the ‘cast are by Meatbee (except for the special treat at the end).

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Track list:

Nothing Good on TV. 17:19

The Party’s Over (live). 27:10

Just for Me (live). 35:48

Shooting the Moon. 54:52


This week’s show is brought to you by our sponsors, the Western Districts Rugby Union Club and Paper Monkey, the letter X and the phrase ‘cock gaggers’. It’s also the first Insatiable Banalities to be filmed. After briefly introducing our guests, Jim asks Johnboy to fill everyone in on the now infamous ‘bitch slapping incident’ that was the climax of his otherwise happy attendance at The Lenders’ CD launch.

Then Gertrude and Sharkie are belatedly introduced. Gertie is feeling a little nonplussed about her banning from Tim Blair’s web site. Jim Boots (as Loadedog) was more lucky. We discuss the right-wing commentariat and their acolytes, followed by an airing of a live recording of Meatbee’s ‘Nothing Good on TV’.

We finally get around to discussing Meatbee, poring in some depth into their history including the fact that the legendary Tony Steeper was a foundation member of the band. Meatbee are on the look-out for permanent bass player to replace the temporary (and very good) Lachlan from Yeti and Looking Glass. Bass players are in demand in Canberra apparently. Then we’re treated to a live acoustic performance of ‘The Party’s Over’.

Ben and Kate mull over the fact that Meatbee have somewhat of a split personality and perhaps confuse their fans sometimes, some of whom prefer the acoustic mode that they utilise to make inroads into the Sydney scene, others enjoying the more ‘heavy’ mode. At this point, a fellow called Chris Holly enters the room with a video camera. Chris is doing a documentary on Meatbee and he lurks quietly in the corner, the video camera whirring quietly away. We have a short break while he sets up his gear, then return to another live performance, the song being ‘Just for Me’.

Jim asks Ben and Kate to reveal how they write songs and an interesting conversation ensues on the various aspects of composition and the compromises that inevitably must be made between competing elements.

We move on to announce that we have finally received a postcard challenge. Alison Procter and Pete Lyon have asked us to a) turn up to the Acoustic Challenge Final at the Pot Belly Bar (It was on last night – The Cashews won) and b) to do ‘an impression of the Leo Sayer concert at the Convention Centre’. Most of the Banal Ones were going to the Pot anyway (though I believe only Johnboy eventually turned up). The impression of Leo Sayer involves a lot of falsetto warbling and is perhaps better heard than read about.

Once again Mark Smith comes in for some gentle ribbing about the voting irregularities that beset the interminable series of band comps at the Pot, and we challenge him to come in and offer a personal rebuttal. The last song is a recorded version of ‘Shooting the Moon’ and we finish with a special treat sprung on us by Ben and Kate, a medley of crap eighties songs. If you listen closely, the Banal Ones can be heard joining in. Much fun was had by all.

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