It’s Time for a New Song

In 1972, after many torpid years of Liberal government, the Labor Party, under their charismatic leader Gough Whitlam, won government following an election campaign full of razzle dazzle, star power and a song – ‘It’s Time’.

In 2007, again after many torpid years of Liberal government, many feel like it is time once again for Labor to have a go at the reins, no matter how palely they resemble their forebears. Kevin Rudd is certainly no Gough Whitlam, but the little fella with the primly pursed lips seems to be in with a chance and around the nation can be heard the quiet refrain of the true believers – ‘don’t fuck it up’.

‘What we need,’ numerous people have murmured to me, ‘is a song.’ And not that bloody song. Something like ‘It’s Time’, easy to sing along to, condensing the themes of these dark days of wars; on terrorism, workers rights, democratic freedoms and the like, into a passionate refrain. I’d suggest a competition to find a worthy piece, but I don’t think anyone would enter, and besides, they’d be hard put to beat this unsolicited candidate from local Dylanesque singer-songwriter, Sanjiva de Silva, titled ‘Not in my Name’ (also includes verses by Alison Procter).

Not in my Name

Then again, some might think it’s a bit negative. And a bit long. Well, at 6:20 possibly a lot long, but a shorter version could be made. Anyway, listen, share, discuss, but remember, if you’re going to be critical, there’s always the option of penning something yourself. Loadedog offers to do a basic recording of any entries that may be submitted.

As a matter of interest, Sanji recorded a version of this song a couple of years ago in the podcast. Some may prefer this more raw version, which includes the Podcast Chorus of drunken backing singers.

Not in my Name 2

2 Responses to “It’s Time for a New Song”

  1. Great song. Must admit I prefer the first version with Alison to the second – couldn’t hear much noise from those drunken podcast singers.

  2. I agree. We weren’t very brave.