Gertrude #45 – Skywalkers

Gertrude's Diary

I’ve just been AIMing my niece.” She’s a lovely young woman:” Beautiful, bright, kind, hard-working.” Doesn’t”indulge in any of the vices that have on”occasion brought her aunt undone” (that’s drinking and smoking, by the way, not drug-dealing and standover).” She is also wise in matters of love, for she has found herself a husband of equal merits, a man of surpassing geniality.” For the sake of brevity in this post, I’ll call my niece B1 and her husband B2.

Of course, in the more robust areas of our Australian culture, we often employ a special word for people like this.” That word is ‘dork’.” I’ve probably worn it myself a few times, come to think of it.” But my point is that B1 has never been deterred by such villification.” As a kiddie, this meant reading the encyclopedia and memorizing all the dialogue (and I mean ALL the dialogue) from Star Wars.” I think this may have nurtured in her a remarkable capacity for sincerity, because as well as her other talents she is one of the most genuine people I know.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I think humility is tops.” Well, these people of whom I speak -“clean-living and super bright and possessed of talents which many people can only dream of having – these shining ones have it.” So I’m beginning to think that humility may be linked to self-acceptance, to unashamed enthusiasm for whatever quirky interest you have.

So,”I urge you: eschew the cynical and the merely fashionable!” Find your dream, your passion and follow it, no matter how inconsequential or unimportant it might seem to others, for therein lies greatness.

Oh, yeah, and incidentally:” B2 just landed himself a job at Industrial Light and Magic, which I think must just about complete the aspect of fairytale princedom as far as B1 is concerned.” It’s almost like being married to Luke Skywalker himself.

Viva la dork!

UPDATE” My niece writes in reply to this post:” “That’s sweet :) We prefer nerd or geek though. Dorks don’t know how to”tie their shoelaces and/or have faces like volcanic valleys ;)”

I stand corrected

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