Recorded on Tuesday 26th July, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #17’s special guests are Matt Dent and Geir Brillian (formerly Gunnarson). Matt is a great singer song writer who plays great slide guitar and normally blows a harp but he forgot it for the recording. Geir is a music producer from Iceland who, from his secret studio somewhere in Canberra, has produced an ungodly amount of music for many of the towns quality bands.

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Track list

Lt. Colonel Joe Rears, Judgement. 8.52

Matt Dent, Never Going Back. 29:11

Hari Bandu, Fate 1. 37:54

Hari Bandu, Fate 2. 43:31

Matt Dent, Keep On. 51:12


Despite Jim Boots having changed his birth date to October we begin by celebrating his birthday with song and champagne then, after introducing our guests, Johnboy tells a sad story about a misunderstanding with a girl in a Sydney nightclub on the weekend. Geir then tells a funny story about a drug-induced misunderstanding with his flatmates. We then ask Geir to give a potted autobiography.

We move onto cold nights, skinny women and bone symphonies before we play a track that Geir produced (Judgement) featuring the Dylanesque vocals of Tom Woodward. Captain Pants turns up, complaining that he wants a new alias… Captain Spandex it is. Jim Boots brings up the story, passed around Canberra via email and explored at some length on RiotACT, of a cockroach being found in a dim sim purchased from a restaurant in town. Defamation actions are skirted precariously as we flit to various other food contamination scandals and the texture of crickets in garlic sauce.

Geir reveals the secret ingredient in Icelandic meatballs (and the origin of his bootlicking fetish). He also explains that he migrated to Australia as an agent of cultural revenge after Neighbours was inflicted on Iceland.

Attention is then focussed on Matt Dent who tells the story of how he left home and moved into a tree house in Lismore (it’s totally true) and a couple of crazy Nimbin hippy stories to boot. We cajole him to play a song and he responds with ‘Never Going Back’. Much clapping along ensues, then much applauding.

Doing the news, Captain Spandex tells a strange vampire-cabaret artist-blood sucking-fraud-story. Jim Boots questions the integrity of Reuters. Time for another song. Geir plays two different and excellent versions of the same song (Fate), by Hari Bandu. Geir tells a really bad joke, then we try and go straight to a song by Matt Dent who eventually ignores suggestions that he write a song on the spot and, as Johnboy steps outside for a leak, launches into ‘Keep On’.

After singing a little Mozart number in five-part harmonies and making a little wish we wrap up, thanking our guests along the way.

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