Recorded on Sunday 31st July, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #18 was bereft of a special guest after somebody cancelled at the last minute, but then Matt Dent just happened to be visiting and agreed to stay for the show and Sharkie joined us as well.

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Track list

The Lenders, Alexander Pope. 1:41 (link doesn’t work in Firefox)

Rory McLeod, What Would Jesus Do. 10:03

Cherry Gun, Asteria. 26.01

Ernie Van Veen, Chances. 34:50

Matt Dent, She Waits for Me. 46.04

Bruce Gow, Well Shift My Paradigm. 50:53

Matt Dent, How could I be so Wrong (live). 53.37


Following the introductions we throw on the Lenders ‘Alexander Pope’ after which Gertrude makes an obscure reference to a recent poetic excursion by Johnboy. He’s not biting, however, so if your interest is piqued, you’ll just have to scour through RiotACT’s archives.

First banality is a silly story about a foul-mouthed British parrot leading to a brief discussion of the foul-mouthed Jim Boots recent visit to radio 2XX. Gertrude wrote to Rory Mcleod and got his permission to play any of his tracks she likes so we put on ‘What Would Jesus Do’, a seven minute epic. This stimulates a deep and philosophical conversation about the state of politics in the western world that goes on a bit too long and accomplishes nothing so we resort to more music, Cherry Guns ‘Asteria’.

We once again, and correctly this time, announce the postal address for the hugely unsuccessful postcard challenge before launching the new astrology section which is entirely based on some crappy fat paperback and seems designed purely as a character assassination of Jim Boots. He takes it in good spirit and introduces the cast to Ernie Van Veen through his song ‘Chances’.

How does Ernie, and the rest of Canberra’s outstanding musical talent, get a measure of success in their careers without following all those before who’ve made the trek down the Hume to Melbourne or beyond? Who knows? Andy does a review of local street press BMA, which basically consists of him reading out (rather intelligibly) the recent plug Insatiable Banalities received therein, in the Locality section (thanks Caz).

We play a backyard recording of Matt Dent’s song called, I think, ‘She Waits For Me’. Jim Boots claims to have set Matt up with the girl who was waiting for him and is now his partner. Matt refutes it. Johnboy takes an early mark and we go straight into another one of his Indy picks, Bruce Gow’s ‘Well Shift My Paradigm’, a country and western parody of corporate culture.

Matt Dent and current partner suck some face.

We then force Matt to play a song live, ‘How Could I be so Wrong’, a rather self-deprecatory song, then we wind down with an incoherent and desultory conversation about astrology and Gertrude’s scientific value as a twin with drug and alcohol problems before saying goodbye to Matt and forgetting to say goodbye to the audience.


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