Recorded on Tuesday 9th August, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #19’s special guests are Jake, Stoz, Nick and George of the Lavans and it’s notable for some great music, lots of swearing and for being the first Insatiable Banalities to be delivered in mono, halving the file size to a very manageable 30 megs or so. All songs in this podcast are recorded live by the Lavans.

Sponsors for this show are Starbucks, Farms Tasmania and the Wiggles.

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Track list:

Silvio. 3:17

Ballad of the Ex. 13:12

Part of the Gun. 28.11

Horse. 43.47

Radiate. 52.50


After introducing our guests, they instruct us in the correct pronunciation of their band name (like ‘lavarnes’) then launch into song with Silvio. Johnboy acknowledges the difficulties, particularly for the drummer, of playing acoustically when the Lavans normally rock out. The boys have adapted themselves superbly.

Stoz (behind), Jake and Nick.

We drill them for a bit of band history before having another live song, ‘Ballad of the Ex’. This song carries a language warning, there being just one little swear word that might offend some people.

We discuss a bit more band history, including Nick’s turn as the black Wiggle, then its banality time. Gertrude advises there is a biological basis for men not being able to hear women very well. Centuries of inter-gender conflict explained, Jake plays ‘Part of the Gun’ solo.

Another banality, about a man who is partway through his quest to visit every Starbucks caf” in the world. When he comes to Canberra, we’re going to kick him in the guts. Coffee stories abound, like Gertrude’s about ‘civet’ coffee, the beans for which must have passed through the digestive system of a civet. As usual we end up talking about Chappelle Corby at least once and are saved by the Lavans and ‘Horse’.

Time for our ‘Easy Scams for Beginners’ section. A German man has been busted repeatedly calling his friend’s phone-sex line from work, racking up 16 000 Euros worth of bills which the friend then split with him. Jim cuts in with a pointless story about Nusha Fox having sat on the knee of a friend of his, then more music – ‘Radiate’.

We learn that the tractors are coming to Canberra, then Kandy A advises the details of his and Gertrude’s forthcoming trip to West Australia that he won doing some internet survey thing, the point being that they’ll be away for the next few podcasts. We say goodbye.

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