New Loadedog

Here we are in the new Loadedog premises (temporarily located at We have barely begun moving the site over, still grappling, as we are, with some issues with the look and functionality of the site (if anyone can make sense of these ‘how to install the Category Icons Plugin for WordPress’ instructions, let us know).

Please have a little look around and let us know what you think.



6 Responses to “New Loadedog”

  1. Hurray! Loadedog enters the naughties!

  2. What? No updates?

  3. Getting there…

  4. It is a momentous occasion! Broo-ha-ha!! I’m so proud of the effort you’ve put in.

    PS. Got pics from the last BB?

  5. Why thanks fecker. Pics from the last Backanalia, along with all the old pics, are coming soon.


  6. I have tried to keep an interest in but not much going on there. Latest development is “This domain name expired on Apr 26, 2007″
    Looks like someone else has picked it up, whacked on some affiliates, and will probably charge you to buy it back from them.
    BTW, who do u use for registering new Domain Names? Pref someone cheap, but so I can also claim/retain some ownership rights (eg Not Godaddy).