Tableaux Vivant @ The Front: The Pics

Some of you may have heard about Tableaux Vivant, a show at The Front last Friday week, which promised such risqueness as partial nudity, nearly naked people, performers semi-disrobed and some music by Andi and George and band (including the famous golden pants). It all sounded very exotic and erotic and adult oriented, a rarity around these parts (outside the industrial zones) where casual nudity in public is as common as swimming in Lake Burley Griffin.

Loadedog couldn’t attend, but fortunately a friend went and took pictures (in ignorance, until it was too late, of the edict) and, more fortunately still, we’ve been able to obtain the permission of the principle characters to show them to you here.

Three girls

Life drawing

More life drawing

Andi and George

Bill and Stephen


Min Mae

Min Mae

Famous Gold Pants

Harp and flute


Ass man

Tutu girls

Pics by Paulina Vanderlinden

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