Recorded on Tuesday 6th September, 2005, Insatiable Banalities #22 has no special guest (besides Sharkie). We play a couple of songs each by the Way Hip Antelopes and by newish, apparently teenage band, Eddie and the Twinkleberries, who we are thinking of adopting as a mascot.

The banalities cover such subjects as floods ruining New Orleans, spiders ruining seductions, pooing in fright, exploding Nazi chocolate bars and more.

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Track list

Eddie and the Twinkleberries, Second Time this Week. 2:01

The Way Hip Antelopes, Everlasting Light. 16:57

The Way Hip Antelopes, Estonian Wild Flower. 30:16

Eddie and the Twinkleberries, My Day as a Nerd. 46:05

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