Bored Late Night Puerile Observations

Late night television watchers (in Australia) will know what I mean when I say that the televising of Australia’s parliamentary proceedings is not the worst programming available in the wee hours. That title is being hard fought by a few doughty contenders, the current front-runner being Hotdogs’ Up Late Show by a nose to a bunched pack of infomercials, god-botherings and SBS’s Weatherwatch.

So Parliament we watch, but at times the mind will wander, as will the eye, striving, mostly in vain, to find something of interest in the background, the foreground most oft assuming the form of an elaborate time-wasting exercise.

All the above just to explain my juvenile preoccupation with one of the quirks of Australia’s House of Representatives and the televising thereof, that being the design and placement of the main, paired, microphones into which a member speaks when answering a question.

Every now and then the speaking member moves aside and occasionally, very occasionally, the person behind, almost always Tony Abbott for the Libs and Julia Gillard on the other side, will be perfectly lined up with the microphones to create the appearance of a goggle-eyed monster. As in Abbott’s visage below.

Or this slightly less well aligned version.

Or this artists impression of what Julia Gillard might look like if she’d bloody move over a bit.

Even that sort of grand fun can lose its novelty after a while, so back to watching the guys in the background. And what do we see? I’m pretty sure that’s Warren Truss doing an impersonation of Silvio Berlusconi picking his nose, though I can confirm for Truss’ benefit that at no time did his finger actually enter his mouth. He should be more careful, however, because we all know what happened to Berlusconi shortly after that video did the viral rounds, though he did also get caught on tape humping
a traffic cop

Parliament’s unfortunately not sitting again until 9th May, but as soon as it’s back on, I’ll be watching like a hawk and bringing to you, my dear readers, more highlights from TV’s wee hours.

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