Pimp My Text

Over on the Concat, my mate john has been ravinmg about the iPod Touch, Apoles new version of the iPod with an iphone-like touch screen and web browsing ability. He has been quick to defend the Touch’s tyoe-writng facility which apparently overcomes the sloppy flailings of fat human fingers by ‘predicting’ what the hell you’re trying to type by the proximity of the keys you recklessly foindle to those tyhat could conceibcably be a part of actual wordss, then fixing it up for youi. My question is, when are they going to add this facility to normal keyborards?

The iPod Touck. Photo by john Griffiths

Photo by John Griffiths

5 Responses to “Pimp My Text”

  1. I suspect it’s. Because real typists aren’t supposed to watch the screen when they type and with this sort of auto-correction you need to do that. It’s not so onerous when you’re typing on the screen as I am now.

    I imagine someone out there offers a crappy program for windows which does much the same.

  2. whoops, and there’s an unchecked auto correct in the first line.

  3. Practice makes perfect

  4. Actually, real typists ARE meant to watch the screen (or the page, as it was when I learnt to master the keyboard in Sister Boniface’s year 9 typing class).

    It’s only amateurs, who watch their fingers instead, who need autocorrect.

  5. You’d think, after twenty years of typing, you’d get a bit better at it, even without Sister Boniface, but not so…