The Give and Take: A Review

by Chris Emery. The Give and Take @ The Street Theatre. Continues till 17th Nov.

Last night, courtesy of Loadedog,”we went to the opening night at the Street of “The Give and Take” by Tony McNamara.” The audience loved it and there were lots of interruptions”caused by prolonged laughter.” The story is very contemporary and obviously appealed to both younger and”baby boomer”patrons.” The play continues the David Williamson genre.

Unfortunately the cavernous set sometimes absorbed the weaker voices, particularly when”they didn’t directly”face the audience.” Some other”comments include “Dialogue surprises with sharp sting of thoughts” Sydney Morning Herald, “The pep and bitterness of a caffeine hit” Melbourne Age, “Humour so sharp you could cut yourself on it” The Blurb, “Full of great gags and outrageous revelations” The Australian.

4 Responses to “The Give and Take: A Review”

  1. I completely disagree and I tell you why when I finish my review.

    It’s long.

  2. Looking forward to it immensely RG

  3. Still nutting out the blow by blow on the performers. I’m trying to be fair without being… cynical? Deliberately harsh?

  4. The suspense is killing me