Let’s We Forget

John Howard’s retirement is imminent, one way or another and, as I’ve mentioned, the battle has commenced to define his legacy. Is he Australia’s greatest ever Prime Minister, the worst, or somewhere in between? I thought I’d have my two cents’ worth.

John Howard is clearly the greatest Prime Minister Australia has ever had. Everything he’s touched has turned to gold. Every questionable decision has been justified. The country is prosperous and well placed to face an uncertain future.

Let us begin with what should be the defining achievement of his Prime Ministership, involving Australia in the Iraq War. It was a very unpopular decision in Australia at the time, with many people claiming Iraq was no threat and not responsible for 9/11 but, as has often been the case, Howard stuck to his guns and was proved correct in the fullness of time.

As we now know, Iraq was riven with weapons of mass destruction and the war saved the West from imminent catastrophe. Not only that, in four short years Iraq has been transformed into a peaceful, prosperous Paris of a Middle East that is more stable than in many a decade. Oil flows plentifully and is cheap as chips! Australia’s international standing has been enhanced. Strangely, Howard didn’t even mention the war in his recent campaign speech. One would think he’d be proud.

On global warming, Howard was not swayed by the Henny Pennies of the world. It was a big gamble, but it paid off. Who would have thought that 3000 scientists would be wrong and Howard and George Bush and a handful of petrol company scientists would be right? We are all thankful that global warming turned out to be the biggest non-disaster since the Millenium Bug and we sure are glad we didn’t waste the last decade doing anything about it.

On industrial relations, when Howard talked about flexibility in the work place, he knew that allowing businesses to set their own pay and conditions for employees, and fire them at will, free of annoying regulations and union interference, wouldn’t result in them abusing their power, and he was right. Some suggested that even Howard’s limited and belated fairness test would show up the nation’s corporations as heartless machines, but they were wrong. Howard was right to trust the business classes to behave and they have repayed his trust handsomely.

On interest rates, Howard outstripped Nostradamus, able to predict that interest rates would be lower under a Liberal government than under any conceivable Labor government in any parallel universe where the exact same economic conditions might prevail. And he was right!

On ‘security’ and the War on Terror, the usual cadre of civil libertarian mouthpieces have mouthed the usual scaremongerings about possible violations of human rights… wrong, wrong, wrong. As usual. The new laws have obviously kept us safe from actual terrorist attacks. We haven’t had any, have we? It’s only the natural modesty of our ultra-professional security forces that has kept them from revealing all the actual terrorist attacks they have averted with their wonderful new laws. Anyone seemingly unfairly caught up in the security net probably deserves it… by the way.

So there you have it, basically because I can’t think up any more, but how much do you need? Australia has never had such far-sighted, nay visionary leadership, and long after he is gone we will remember these days as a golden era, an era in which we were all so concerned about imaginary fears, we never even bothered getting afraid of the real threats. Thank you John Howard.

9 Responses to “Let’s We Forget”

  1. I was going to stick to the last 14 years of voting Liberal until Haneef. There was no argument, no reasonable doubt, no possible circumstance that could excuse it.

  2. Well written.

    As I have been telling people, if all you are concerned about is the pay packet and your big-screen tv, vote liberal. (see: 2004)

    If you care about a future for your kids, respect, equality, and a chance of some sort of honesty, vote for someone else.

  3. So who are you going to vote for RG? Family First?

    Thanks MickRad, I heartily concur.

  4. I’d vote Democrat if they were still a going concern.

    I’m afraid it’s Labor this time around. Don’t tell my father.

  5. Judging from the polls, RG, it looks like you’re not alone. I won’t tell your father, but there are a few things you could do for me in return for my silence…

  6. If you think you can get me to review stuff in return for free tickets, forget it. That ain’t my gig man. Theres some lines that are not meant to be crossed and everyone knows it.

  7. Hey Daaaad.

  8. Troop Surge

  9. Surely you jest? Compared to some true illuminaries (Hitler and Pinochet spring to mind), our Little Johnny is merely a turd polishing butler. The single biggest criticism of the balding short-arse from benelong is that he really didn’t go far enough, something he lamented about at his policy launch. There are still the dregs of a welfare state lurking under the beds of closet commos. Poor ole pete wont get his chance this time round to finish the task of creating the neocon beacon in the south pacific to which little johnny aspired. Such a pity, and god help us all if they somehow do actually get back in….