Coffee Bitch # 33. Ricardo’s Cafe, Jamison Centre

Coffee Bitch

Three and a half beans

Ricardo's Cafe

Under three minutes. Stipulated crema.

Decor like a shredded interiors catalogue. The windows here slide open, great. Tables outside.

Rich in multi-cultural suburban street culture. Wind, flies; and freedom.

2 Responses to “Coffee Bitch # 33. Ricardo’s Cafe, Jamison Centre”

  1. A pleasant discovery on a hot day shopping in the newly renovated Jamison centre. A trip to Aldis wouldn’t now be complete without a half decent coffee at this great cafe. Plenty of room to spread out and read the paper while munching on their delicious omelette served with Turkish bread and loads of butter! I think I’m going to fast become a regular.

  2. I’m flattered to recieve an attempt of review as a reply.
    Perhaps you could demolish a cup of German dessert blend while you consider twenty first century Intellectual Property Right law.
    Fucking Lightwieght.