The Give and Take: One More Review

The Give and Take. The Street Theatre. Continues till Saturday. Review by Max.

Pfffffft. The flashyest set I”ve ever seen on stage in Canberra and competent to very good performances one would expect from professional actors could not save this play from its middle of the road self righteous piece of turd of a script. Irritating, cliched characters (most notably the four in their early twenties – on behalf of myself and everyone I know in our early twenties ” Fuck You Tony McNamara), lame jokes and a pervading sense of hands on the wang smugness on the part of the writer took a story that was already unoriginal (toward the end of his career some neurotic rich guy wonders if wealth might not actually lead to true happiness and regrets not spending his time with his family blah blah) and lead it into made for channel ten telemovie territory.

All involved worked very hard to put this on, and punters were asked to fork out a decent amount of cash to see it. Shame. It sucked, and there is a lot better Australian theatre out there.

One Response to “The Give and Take: One More Review”

  1. If I hadn’t gotten in essentially for free then my review would have been just as concise.

    I applaud you sir.