CHIFFON #62. Labour of Luff


Hullo, and welcome back comrades. Vot dit you tink ov de election? Com see, com sagh!

I, of course, was hanging in my friends backyard with a bunch of my commie mates, you know the sort of people, artists, musicians, single mums, refugees, generally, a cross-section of the proletariat. This night she was good and I got to see some very good music, Gypsies, Oyrish musicians, dancers and fire-throwers, much like flame-throwers but not mechanical. They were humans, two girls.

And good on me I looked fucking great.

I had to go to the doctor this day being monday and it was so horrible. She told me my lungs were very weezy. I, in my defence, said the air she is not good and added ‘but isnt it good to know Kev was getting right on to it and making plans to sign the Kyoto docko’. She nodded and told me to get out. I proceeded to the reception and the receptionist held her hand out and demanded fifty dollars. ‘I usually sign a slip of paper’ to which she asked had I signed anything in the doctors room. I hadn’t so she said I would have to pay.

Now the waiting room was pretty full so I said in my firmest (stand on my principle) voice ‘that won’t be happening, not now there is a Federal Labor goverment, you will have to bulk bill me’. She muttered, ‘Everyone will want to do that now,’ and apparently she secretly knew this day she was gonna need ironing out. I thought to myself another fascist exposed and bid her good day!

Luff Chiffon xxx

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  1. More power to you comrade sister!