Congratulations to Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party for not fucking it up and finally getting rid of John Howard and the odious Liberal Government that has plagued us these long eleven years. I was unfortunately unable to pay close attention on the evening itself, being fully engaged in running the Electionalia, and it was a little bit anti-climactic from that point of view. My cup didst runneth over, where I wanted to savour every drop.

Asked this morning on ABC radio for his thoughts on John Howard losing Bennelong to Maxine McKew, Paul Keating said it was an exclamation point on the end of the Howard era. I would like to personally congratulate Ms McKew on her punctuation skills. Then I would like Bob Hogg to have a mid-life crisis and elope with his secretary, whereupon I would like to offer her a shoulder to cry on and hope to ease her suffering with some tender loving care.

The Liberals are in cliched disarray. Costello was at his best in turning down the leadership. He stopped resembling the evil twin for extended periods during his press conference, such that one could have sworn it was Tim and not Peter graciously moving aside for the next generation of nitwits.

Howard must now acknowledge that his personal ambitions have crueled not just Costello’s chances, but those of the Party for many a year. There is little substance to the electorate’s aversion to Costello beyond the famous, and largely misinterpreted, smirk. I firmly believe that if Costello had 18 months as leader prior to this election, the result would have been different, not necessarily a Liberal victory, but no rout. One can only hope that, a few electoral cycles ahead, Rudd can do better by Gillard and Labor.

Tony Abbott’s leadership aspirations are a bit of a surprise. The man’s personal qualities are the only thing that could make his rank ideology look good and calling his lips lizard-like is an insult to lizards. Only he and his confessor can know what the hell he thinks he’s up to.

Among the other winners were: the Greens with a 0.4% first preference swing (and the balance of power), the CDP gaining 0.23%, Conservatives for Climate and Environment Incorporated (who are they kidding… no-one apparently) with a swing of 0.02% to 2491 votes and the formal (as opposed to the donkey) vote, up 1.3% to 96.12%. The Fishing Party scored 1646 votes.

The Liberals romped it in the losers’ stakes with a -4.38% swing in first preferences. The National Party moved ever closer to irrelevance, garnering just 5.43% (a swing of -0.46), while minor-party stable-mates, the Democrats, might have been better off scratched, gaining less than one percent. One Nation barely rates a mention.

Over the next few weeks we can expect to see revealed many of the gross corruptions of Johnny and the boys. I encourage all those public servants who have been biting their tongues to finally have their cathartic release. Flogging a dead horse, perhaps, but it is important that we know what was going on within this most secretive of Australian governments. The shame is that, under Howard, accountability had to wait until after he was gone. Let us hope for better from Rudd.

4 Responses to “Hurrah!”

  1. It’s been fascinating to watch the party crumble after Howard got the ass. When I think back to how we were having John Howard and not The Liberal Party sold to us, it makes perfect sense.

    All I want is that accountability that went missing gradually over their term and in full flight during the last one.

  2. Personally I’d like to see an inquisition. Who knew what and when about: the case for war, the AWB scandal, the Haneef debacle etc.

  3. Why stop there? What about the wholesale flogging of public assets to his friends in big business. Then there’s his direct manipulation of the ABC and SBS, the almost inhumane treatment of any poor sod who tried to find refuge in this country and of course how can we forget his spontaneous adoption of Bush’s pre-emptive strike doctrine. Unfortunately the damage Howard has inflicted on our country is probably going to largely ignored by the mainstream, and he will continued to bask in the glory of the 2nd longest serving PM.

    In other news today, Bernie Banton died.

  4. Much grist for the mill