Local television station, Prime, has launched a web site which, with stunning originality, they have named iPrime. It is one of the clunkiest beasts I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting. By clunky I mean slow to load and hard to navigate. A lumbering megapod of a site on my ‘broadband’ connection, it would be a zone of slow death for dial-ups I would think.

It’s a ‘media enriched’ site, which means you can watch lots of ad-enriched videos, mostly Prime weather and news. There are also gig guides, tv guides and horoscopes and shit. And there’s polls, like this one.

iPrime poll

I wonder if the people who never vote on internet polls amounts to zero?

One good thing on iPrime is VigilanTV, a weekly two minute segment looking at the local music scene, and I say it’s good not just because I have appeared in it a couple of times (including this most recent segment focusing on the Backyard Backanalia). The presenters are spunky, the camera work suitably ‘hand-held’, the editing choppy, it won’t be long before these guys are on real tv.

One Response to “iPrime”

  1. i totally love it.
    there’s so much happening in canberra and this show documents it all.
    it’s ace.
    hooray for it’s capacity to be yet another avenue to consolidate and celebrate a scene that is vibrant, diverse and exciting.
    nice one vigilanTV.