Post Election Mania and the Japanese Climate Agreement

Evil Alisandra

Keeyooto” Why give a very very very important, of course intentional, rational, ratified, international environmental agreement a Jap title? Let”s face it. Japan seems not to give a flying F about world environmental issues although there are surely a few private members of its society who possess an inkling of a conscience, but they don”t count. In reality, EA couldn”t give a flying F if their favourite replacement to the Big Mac is Whale Booty but hey”try arguing with the Yahkooza.

So changing to an environmentally friendly light bulb will solve the world”s problems will it? Pull the other artificial leg why don”t you ” you friggin idiots. The weather reports are fixed and 99% of the time incorrect. Who gives a fuck about the north and south poles when we”re living in another version of nazi fascism, disguised by well-meaning pollies promising diversity, understanding, harmonic integration and multicultural ecstasy (hey give me one of those pills). Blue Omo and Green and Golds were pretty good” EA has been channelling Adolph, probably thru those curious Stephen King novelettes.

Mr Kev 07. If yr listening which yr not. How about running the Cuntry. Giving a computer to every school kid will create a nation of fat nerds and a stockpile of used, lost and broken laptops. What a fucking pathetic solution and “promise”. What the fuck will that achieve? Japan needs to rid itself of its excess Sony and Toshibas does it? Hey Kev 07 – Got yrself a new ally for the upcoming WW3 have you? Or is that WW4,5,6,7,8? Who”s lost count?

Channel 7 is now showing a 10 min major news bulletin ” about a trapped dog. Um excuse EA, but isn”t Kosovo on the brink of another Kuratz ” they”re already digging the mass graves. Afghanistan and Iraq are burning, the Persians are waiting for the arrival of Ronald (McDonald), Africa is becoming a dictatorship, Burmese Junta have killed almost all Buddhist monks, Putin has completed creation of a new Arian red shirt robotic-like brainwashed youth army, China is soon to surpass Shakespeare with their new compulsory Angleterre lessons and it seems most of Australia”s population is starving, poor and fucked in the head. Suicide, murder, rape, depression, is everywhere, large numbers of individuals are increasingly illiterate and violent BUT remember to have a shorter shower so as to save the planet. It”s all beyond

It”s happy in Dimension 702-95617.

EA observed the recent Oz election campaign with its slick pollies looking like Lego nerds for weeks ” just like every other poor bastard who couldn”t give a flying F (there are many). EA did not watch the election, DID NOT VOTE, and slept through the evening”s events. EA woke up and smelled Labor. EA was in Ingleburn NSW ” the devil”s lair.

Come on ” own up. How many of you voted to avoid the monetary penalty? What is it these days”. $73.23 plus GST?

What about us? Victims of Political Society.

What about MENTAL HEALTH? The system treats victims worse than criminals. The care is diabolical, void of human understanding. Drugs are pushed onto such individuals at a rate that”s probably supporting Mexico”s economy. Epilum, a large purple pill, is a drug used for epileptics and is given to all mental health patients as a mood stabiliser. Made in Mexico.

Having spent 25 years in this man-made city and institutionalised for most of that time within something similar to the civil service (the pubes), EA is now on a spiritual journey called “what the fuck was I thinking working in the publick service all this time” and more often than not “where the fuck am I – the arse end of the world?’

Be honest ” how many of you have asked this question? Is it Australia that makes EA feel this way or is it the confines of Canberra? (Come on admit it – you really do need to get away more often than not ” this place can be limiting but of course it has its moments. It can often be interesting, fun, calm, pleasant and relaxing ” Loadedog makes sure of that…)

See Ya or should it be sa-YOH-nah-rah

EA Dec 07

One Response to “Post Election Mania and the Japanese Climate Agreement”

  1. Now now…its not ww3 yet (although it clearly coming) and sweet little kev is preferable to jackboot johnny. I think the answer to your question, at least one of them, is we are all collectively in the pooh, that’s where we is. Fairly up to our stinking hairy armpits and all the happy faces, drugs and do your bloody best philosophies ain’t going to change the fact that we are all on a road to nowhere. The petrols running low, the road’s getting worse and there are too many other buggers on the same trip.

    Maybe tomorrow the sun won’t come up.