Hello dear readers. Your editor returns after an extended period of not posting, during which only the conscientious efforts of Gertrude, Chiffon, Coffee Bitch and the unexpected return of Evil Alisandra have belied the impression that Loadedog had ground to a complete halt. Gertrude even joked that if I didn’t start posting soon, we’d have to call the site loadedgertie.com. The lack of posts from yours truly has been due to the following factors (otherwise known as whinges):

I had a toothache, an infection which spread from my second molar up my face to my eyebrow. After antibiotics largely controlled the pain and fever, I was left with a pus-emiting sinus that produced great quantities of snot that smelt a bit like poo. My brain also seems slightly damaged but I’m not sure if the infection was to blame.

The holidays, during which all normality ceases, the house is full of people who are normally at work all week, and no rhythm can be established. To wit, my sleeping patterns have been disrupted, meaning I’m seldom awake between midnight and 4AM, normally my most productive/creative hours, and frequently awaken at around 4 or 5AM, if only briefly, for a session of what might kindly be described as procrastination.

Facebook, which I reluctantly joined, and only because I wanted to play scrabble. I can now safely say that I have caught up on all the scrabble I’ve been missing for the best part of my adult life because I didn’t have a board or couldn’t find anyone to play, and have probably played enough (my limit was thirty games at once) to last me the next decade or two (I’m still open to a real-time game if anyone has a board and the inclination).

Labor won the election. Nothing much to say on the Australian political front, giving Rudd the benefit of the doubt.

There is little that can be done for the greater good in the world until George Bush retires in November. The nightmare continues, but who can summon the energy to comment upon it any longer?

There’s more, but they’re private.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking about what we’re doing here and reckon it’s worth doing for at least another year. We have a few plans for 2008, which we will spring on you in the fullness of time. Our goal is to attempt to make Canberra a more liveable city with a more viable arts scene. Our energies are regathered for another year.

3 Responses to “2008”

  1. welcome back! there is always more to be done…

  2. Thanks q, and I look forward to more of your comments.

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